HERBERT'S BEST Always Original - Criss Crawlers (US)


HERBERT'S BEST Always Original - Criss Crawlers (US)

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You won't mind a bit eating these gummy worms! The Herbert's Best Criss Crawlers Gummies are a chewy gummy candy that comes in the playful shape of a colourful gummy worm.

Let them wiggle and slither and unleash their intense and fruity flavours!  Open wide! And taste both sweet and sour flavours all in one bite. You get two flavours in one gummy worm, including Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Green Apple, and Orange Pineapple!
These gummy worms are intensely flavourful and offer a tender and chewy texture in every taste!
What are you waiting for? Open up a can of worms with Herbert's Best Criss Crawlers

Size: 100g

BBD: July 11, 2024

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